Swarm Traps

We build honeybee swarm traps.

What is a swarm?

A swarm is a beehive or part of one on the move looking for a new home. The swarm has worker bees, the queen and stomachs full of nectar ready to build comb.

Why do bees swarm?

Swarming is a natural part of bee colony life. Bee hives swarm for many reasons, some of which are if their home becomes infested with pests, runs out of food, is too small or it’s time to split and make more colonies.

What does a new home look like?

Get to know our Scout bees look for a cavity of a certain size, smell and potential for comb.

Does it hurt the bees?

No. These swarm traps are clean, safe and dry. Made from raw untreated lumber. As environmentally friendly as a man made box can be. The bees are looking for a clean, safe place.

Why should you install a trap?

Lure bees away from your house. Bees can find the space between boards in your roof/attic and start a new home in a few days. Bees also come back to a spot previously “marked” by other bees. So if you have a tree or location on your property where bees also seem to land, put a trap to encourage them to move inside.

What happens when a hive moves in?

Get to know our Leave it there for up to two weeks. If the worker bees are bringing in pollen on their legs, consider it their new home. After that, they can be moved to a beehive of your own. Reach out to my dad and he can give you advice.

Are swarms dangerous?

Not usually. But they will defend their queen and babies. Always approach the swarm box with caution. Never disturb or open a beehive at night or on cold or rainy days. It’s best to check the box entrance on sunny days when worker bees have an opportunity go out and work.

But I’m allergic

Always consider your own safety and comfort level. Place the trap in a location that is away from where you spend your time. If you see bee activity, bees going in and out, you night have a hive.

What is in the box?

Inside the swarm box are a few bee keeping frames, as used in a Langstroth style beehive, to hopefully guide the bees in the direction they will build comb. A scented lure made from beeswax and lemon grass oil.