Find us at Shiner Market Days or Hallettsville Market Days to purchase the best local honey around. Your purchase helps us expand our beekeeping business by adding more hives and honey bees pollinating the area. Thank you.

Our honey is Raw, local and straight from the hive. The honey is never heated or cooked. It is not diluted with any other ingredients or liquids. We do run the honey through wire mesh filters to remove any noticeable particulates. You have our 100% guarantee on this.

Honey is great in tea, coffee, baking or by the spoonful. But did you know it can be used as a topical to relieve small skin irritations or burns? The natural enzymes have healing effects like no other ointment.


Hello, I’m Mark. I’m in charge of the beekeeping part of the business. Read more at www.lavacacountybeekeeper.com.

You can find me and the rest of the family at one of the area market days. Come ask me your questions about bees and honey. I enjoy talking about the complicated culture that is a beehive. Check out our swarm traps.


Our family farm, located in Wied, Texas, is over 100 years old.  We name our honey in honor of our Czech heritage and Janak family.

The honey we collect is truly local raw honey from our non-treated hives.


The bee yard, apiary, in Wied is halfway between Shiner and Hallettsville in Lavaca County.